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All-Inclusive, Predictable Pricing

An hourly pricing structure simplifies your appointment and the price you pay.

Pricing is Genderless, Ageless, and non-discrimanatory.

Transcending Trims is committed to anti-racist, queer-affirming, and all-inclusive practices.

A System Tailored to Your Goals

Your appointment is based on time, not by service, which allows for flexibility, while still offering consistent pricing.

You never have to worry about charges for something you did not receive or agree to.

Straight forward prices you can trust

With gratuity included, budgeting just got easier!

There is no need for unnecessary math or questioning whether your tip was enough.

So, forget the calculator and SKIP THE TIP!

A haircut, shampoo & blowdry is included in all service packages.

Prices are subject to change.

Ayla Davis Hairstylist Stockton California

It's time to

ditch unpredictable haircuts and boring haircolor and

treat yourself to an elevated salon experience.

You deserve long-lasting haircuts and striking haircolor that

make you feel confident for months.

With an educated hairstylist communicating with you

each step of the way, you can have trust

knowing that you can safely achieve your wildest hair dreams.